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    Post  alex jackson on Wed Apr 25, 2012 3:16 am

    This is a piece which explains orthodox Christian beliefs:

    From D A Carson.


    [Bible] Genesis 1—portrays the beginning of everything in this created universe.
    On the face of it, this chapter, and the lines of thought it develops, establish
    that God is different from the universe that he creates, and therefore pantheism
    is ruled out; that the original creation was entirely good, and therefore dualism is
    ruled out; that human beings, male and female together, are alone declared to be
    made in the image of God, and therefore forms of reductionism that claim we are
    part of the animal kingdom and no more must be ruled out; that God is a talking
    God, and therefore all notions of an impersonal God must be ruled out; that this
    God has sovereignly made all things, including all people, and therefore conceptions
    of merely tribal deities must be ruled out.

    Some of these and other matters are put positively by later writers of Scripture
    who, reflecting on the doctrine of creation, offer a host of invaluable conclusions.
    The sheer glory of the created order bears telling witness to the glory of its Maker
    (Ps. 19). The universe came into being by the will of God, and for this, God is
    incessantly worshiped (Rev. 4:11). That God has made everything speaks of his
    transcendence, i.e., he is above this created order, above time and space, and
    therefore cannot be domesticated by anything in it (Acts 17:24-25). That he made
    all things and continues to rule over all, means that both racism and tribalism are
    to be rejected (Acts 17:26). Further, if we ourselves have been made in his image,
    it is preposterous to think that God can properly be pictured by some image that
    we can concoct (Acts 17:29). These notions and more are teased out by later

    One of the most important entailments of the doctrine of creation is this: it
    grounds all human responsibility. The theme repeatedly recurs in the Bible,
    sometimes explicitly, sometimes by implication. To take but one example, John’s
    gospel opens by declaring that everything that was created came into being by the
    agency of God’s “Word,” the Word that became flesh in Jesus Christ (John 1:2-3,
    14). But this observation sets the stage for a devastating indictment: when this
    Word came into the world, and even though the world was made through him, the
    world did not recognize him (John 1:10). God made us to “image” himself; he
    made us for his own glory. For us to imagine ourselves autonomous is, far from
    being a measure of our maturity, the supreme mark of our rebellion, the flag of
    our suppression of the truth (Rom. 1).

    D.A. Carson – For The Love Of God

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    Post  sandranorthwales on Sat Apr 28, 2012 6:11 am

    I think the bible can be a huge source of comfort and inspiration, but equally I believe that it`s mans interpretation of what he thinks about god. I don`t believe there`s any mileage in trying to prove or disprove the existence of god at all.

    I personally try to lead a good life and do so because it makes me feel better, a lot of christians I know tend to behave just in case god punishes them in some way, which I can`t believe is how a supreme being would operate.

    phew! heavy stuff for a saturday afternoon !! Very Happy

    hope everyone is well and enjoying whatever they get up to over the weekend

    S x

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